Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LOTS of travelling!

Hi, everyone!

I've been quite busy since the last time I wrote (imagine that!) :)

Right before our latest vacation, I spent three days in Paris with my class and the class of Terminal L. We visited many well-known places, including Versailles, the Louvre (the hour and a half that we had to go through wasn't nearly enough to see everything, but I did see some cool stuff: Greek and Roman statues; paintings from the early Italian painters, including the Mona Lisa and the Raft of the Medusa; Egyptian hyroglyphics and mummies; Starbucks... hehe, but yes, there really is a Starbucks in the Louvre, and I did buy my first Starbucks drink in seven months!!), the Pompidu Center and it's museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysée, Notre-Dame... It was sooo fun!!!!

During the first week of vacation, I spent five days with another AFSer in Grenoble, a town about two hours from Annonay on train. We had tons of fun shopping and going to a soccer game and just hanging out.

The day after I got back from Grenoble, I drove up to Strasbourg with my host family for a weekend trip. The trip was actually for the 40th anniversary party of some friends of my host parents, but we did get a chance to walk around Strasbourg a little. It's such a pretty town, and the pretzels are really good! :)

The rest of my vacation was spent relaxing. I hung out a lot with one of my AFS friends who lives in my town here, going into town and watching movies, and I spent one day in Lyon with her and her host mom and sister (we tried to go to a museum, but it was closed. Bummer.) I also read two and a half books and did ALL of my homework!

(I said last time that I was supposed to go to Nantes also, but it didn't work out finally. Not a huge issue, though, as I got to go to Grenoble instead.)

Otherwise, nothing else going on except getting ready to go to Norway in 8 days!

Hope everyone's doing well.