Friday, February 15, 2008

Hi, all!

Wow, these last six weeks have really flown by, and I'm just starting another 2-week long vacation. Yay! We don't have much planned - we're just hanging around the house and maybe going down to visit grandparents for a little while.

Since my last entry, I've been really busy with school, especially with the "Bac Blanc," which is a mock form of the Baccalauréat that I'll be taking in June. For the French written portion (which I actually took before Christmas), I got a 7/20 and on the oral portion I got a 10, which means that I would have passed the oral but not the written. I think my writing skills have improved since then, and they probably will even more before June, so I am a bit hopefull. :) For the math and science parts, I got passing grades, too (math:19, biology:11, physical science: 17.5).

We also had our mid-year AFS weekend. I can't believe that I've already finished more than half of my 10 months here! The weekend was fun, between seeing all of the other AFSers in my region and the talent show on Sunday afternoon, where I performed Cinderella (the short, funny version) with 8 other AFS students.

Some other international students also arrived at my school - another girl from the US arrived with AFS, and a boy from Australia came with Rotary. I knew that AFS was a strong program in my region, as almost everybody knows about it. It was great to have someone here through a different program, though, as everyone got to see that AFS isn't the only program out there. He also seemed to be really happy with his Rotary experience, so he was a great marketer. :)

I'm going to sign out for now so that I can get a good night's sleep to start off the vacation correctly. haha.

Hope everyone's doing well!


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Nicholas said...

Hey Catherine! It's Nick from AFS-USA Intercultural Programs. Cool blog, looks like you're having a blast out there. Hey, I wanted to let you know that we have a new Facebook Group called "Ask an AFSer," (here's the link)

It's a group that is linking returnees and current AFSers with interested students. I'm actually contacting you specifically because there have been some recent questions about France and I was wondering if you could help answer some of their questions, maybe give them a window into your current experience. By no means do you have to, just seeing if you were aware of the group. Thanks, and email me if you have any questions at

Thanks, and keep having a blast!