Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 months down... 5 days to go???

Well, I'm leaving my host family on Saturday and leaving Paris for the US the Monday after.
WHERE has all the time gone???

I finished school - with compliments from the director of the school (the equivilent of a superintendant, like Lloyd Blanchard, in Westford), as well as from the entire teaching team. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Anyway, I wanted to just give a quick resumé of my experience of the Bac for 1ère Ls.

On June 16th, I had 1h30 to do the math portion. It was really easy - I'm pretty sure I got a GREAT grade. :) That's mostly because, for the Ls, they only go over things really important for every-day life in math. Pourcentages, etc...

June 20 brought 4h of written French, followed by 1h30 of Science. In French, there were 4 short textes that I had to read. Using the textes, I had to answer one question, and then I had a choice: Commentaire (a long essay analyzing one of the 4 texts), Dissertation (a long essay answering a given question using examples from the texts as well as other books I've read), or Sujet d'Invention (creative-writing... they give you a subject, you write whatever you want). They both went fairly well... I'm glad that I tried, in any case!

Today was the last part for me - the French oral. We're given a question to go along with a text that we had in class, and then we have 20 minutes to prepare a 10-minute analyse of it. Then, the teacher grading us has 10 minutes to ask us any question that they want to, within the subject. I don't feel like I did as well as I could have, but, as with the others, I'm happy that I went in and talked.

Sooo... That's pretty much it for today. I'll write once more before I leave!


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Penny Lacroix said...

I see you've learned British spelling this year, and also that you've gone back to using some "inventive spelling". Tricky. ;-)